New and improved Eggs Benny


The Place that turns BREAKFAST "From Simple To Super"

Savory Dishes

*One of a kind Egg Benedict   Forget the old fashion Benedict, we have taken this “From Simple to Super”. We have a roasted red pepper grit cake topped with our house made sausage, over easy egg and Finished with a Creamy Mornay sauce.


*Shrimp and Grits 1st. Roasted red pepper grits, 2nd Three jumbo shrimp seasoned to perfection, 3rd Cajun mornay, 4th A big smile on your face, 5th Time to pay lol.


*Breakfast Platter   Pretzel Croissant, three eggs your way, hash browns, candied bacon or supers sausage, greens.


*Grit Meal  Bowl of roasted red pepper grits topped with cheese served with a pretzel croissant and your choice of compound butter or strawberry compote.


*Super Nacho’s  This idea obviously came to us while we were in college lol. Tortilla shell with house made sausage, scrambled egg, mornay sauce, cheese, greens and salsa.


*Peanut Butter and jelly Oatmeal- Slow cooked steel cut oatmeal intensified with creamy peanut butter and topped with our house made grape jelly.


*Pumkin Pie oatmeal- Hands down nothing else like this